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  • Camlin 12 Inch 30 cm Plastic Scale (Pack of 5)
    • Non-chipping round edges
    Original price was: ₹75.Current price is: ₹71. (Incl. GST)
    60 (Excl. GST)
  • Camlin CD DVD Marker Pen, Smooth And Dark Marking, Both Water And UV Resistant, Marks On CD, DVD, Metal, OHP Sheets, Wood, Plastic Etc
    • Constant flow of ink
    8 (Incl. GST)
    7 (Excl. GST)
  • Camlin Eraser-Small-Pack Of 20, Superior Quality Erasers For Dustless Erasing, Minimal Crumbling, Removes Tough Marks, Convenient Handling
    • Exceptional erasers for dust-free erasing
    • Hardly any crumbling
    • Streamlined handling
    Original price was: ₹60.Current price is: ₹50. (Incl. GST)
    42 (Excl. GST)
  • Camlin Pencil Sharpener Small Size, Pack of 20
    • Break resistant sharpening
    Original price was: ₹80.Current price is: ₹65. (Incl. GST)
    55 (Excl. GST)
  • Camlin Permanent Marker, Black, Blue, Red, Green Ink Colour, Comes In A Pack Of 10, ‎Bold-E Point Type, Refillable Marker Pen
    • It is an indelible marker.
    16 (Incl. GST)
    14 (Excl. GST)
  • Camlin Stamp Pad Medium-110X69mm (Pack of 3), Aesthetic Design, Smudge Free And Lasting Impression, Feather Touch Sponge

    Feather touch sponge’s aesthetics are brighter, smudge-free, and leave a lasting impression. Pack of 3.

    Original price was: ₹120.Current price is: ₹117. (Incl. GST)
    99 (Excl. GST)
  • Camlin White Board Marker, Refillable Marker Pen, Easy to Erase with Duster, Tissue and Cloth, CE Certified, Bright Ink for Better Visibility, Bold Point, Pack of 10
    • Red, blue, black, and green
    • White Board Marker Type: Bold Pattern CE Certified
    Original price was: ₹280.Current price is: ₹195. (Incl. GST)
    165 (Excl. GST)