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Gobbler Currency Counter GB 6388MG with Additional Display for Customer, Heavy-Duty for Business with Advanced Fake Note Detection Using UV/ MG and Colour LCD Display, Counts All Old & New Notes
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  • SPEED & ACCURACY: Precise counting of notes for NEW INR ₹10, ₹20, ₹50, ₹100, ₹200 & ₹500. It counts the quantity of notes inserted; the value of the notes is not counted.
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  • Intelligent detection is made impossible to overlook with Advanced Counterfeit Detection with UV and MG. Intelligent Identification of False Notes. The system might identify the notes as fraudulent if they are extremely old or damaged. It may appear as an error if the notes are sticky and adhere to one another (we advise looking for sticky notes if this happens). Taped or torn notes are not detected by it.
  • COLOR LCD DISPLAY: When an imitation note is identified, the color-changing LCD display turns red. Customers can watch an additional external display that has been given. There is a handy retractable hidden handle if you need to transport the product.
  • MANUFACTURABLE IN MANY MODES – Money counting is made simple by the count, add, and batch modes; The machine may put several batches together in add mode to provide you with the total amount of bills; When the machine is in batch mode, you can choose which batch of bills it counts.
  • Includes a voice announcement feature, which you can turn off if necessary. This device is not transportable. To utilize it, a plug must be inserted. Kindly carefully read the instructions and operate the machine as instructed. Please get in touch with GobblerSales with any technical problems.
Item Weight 4 kg 990 g
Colour White

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